Diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases of internal organs
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The price of the consultation

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When it is necessary to consult a physician:
Acute respiratory viral infection, low-grade fever,
First signs of a cold: nasal congestion, sore throat, weakness, fever,
Discomfort, squeezing, "shooting" pain in any area of the body,
Fatigue and signs of general malaise,
Shortness of breath, changes in heart rate,
Feeling of physical and psychological exhaustion,
Unexplained weight loss or rapid weight gain,
Headaches, loss of balance,
Numbness of the limbs, tingling sensations,
Forgetfulness and inability to concentrate attention.
How is the family physician appointment going:
The patient describes his complaints,
The doctor conducts an examination of the patient and carefully analyzes the medical records with a history of illnesses,
To determine the exact problem, diagnostic procedures are prescribed – blood tests, urine tests, ultrasound examinations and other tests,
If necessary, the family physician sends the patient to a doctor with a narrow specialization – gastroenterologist, ENT, vertebrologist or other doctors,
Establishing diagnosis with treatment scheme.
If you are concerned about strange sensations that you have not experienced before, you should visit the general practice doctor. These symptoms include: low-grade temperature, general malaise, changes in blood pressure, discomfort or pain in any part of the body. All these symptoms do not give a clear idea of what is happening to a person and to which specific doctor you need to go. In these situations the patient needs to undergo physician check up.
Averyanov Valery Valentinovich
Family physician, cardiologist, 16 years of medical practice

What is a family physician?

This is a general practitioner with extensive knowledge of the work of internal organs, the violation of their functions and diseases. This doctor serves as the central link in the general mechanism of the medical institution. Diagnosis, treatment, control and prevention of diseases – all these lies on the shoulders of the family care physicians.  In most cases this doctor works with patients who do not have clear symptoms and signs of the disease requiring intervention of a specialized specialist – ENT, gastroenterologist, neurologist etc. A good general physician often works in conjunction with other doctors, and, if necessary, directs the patient to a highly specialized doctor.

The scope of this doctor's competence includes the diagnosis and treatment of a number of diseases:

  • Colds and respiratory viral infections, including influenza and others,
  • Bronchitis, tracheitis, pneumonia,
  • Cardiovascular diseases,
  • Anemia and some other blood diseases,
  • Metabolic diseases, including obesity and metabolic syndrome,
  • Diathesis,
  • Neurological problems,
  • Diseases of the kidneys and genitourinary system.

To obtain a complete picture of the patient's health, the family care physicians can prescribe various diagnostic methods – blood tests, urine tests, blood glucose test, ultrasound, electrocardiogram and other studies.


Консультація терапевта (первинна)790 грн.
Консультація терапевта (повторна) з призначенням лікування690 грн.
Консультація терапевта первинна (по телефону, Skype, Viber)790 грн.
Консультація терапевта повторна (по телефону, Skype, Viber)590 грн.
Оформлення довідки за формою 086-1/о590 грн.
Довідка у басейн380 грн.
Профогляд (профілактичний огляд) без призначення лікування590 грн.
Комплексне обстеження організму2100 грн.